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Feb 13, 2020

Josh & Jay welcome Will Steih, Managing Director or Prime Capital Investment Advisor’s Tennessee office, to the studio for Chapter 3 of 5 in our B.O.S.S. Series, a discussion about Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plans. Why should a business owner consider a Defined Benefit Plan? A business owner has fully funded their 401k - how can they layer a Defined Benefit Plan on top to provide additional future retirement income? How does a Defined Benefit Plan affect a business owner’s overall tax strategy & tax efficiency? Listen in to hear important concepts & solutions to consider!


Key Takeaways:

> There has been a resurgence in Defined Benefit Plans in businesses with up to 50 employees

> Defined Benefit Plans tend to appeal to business owners with an appetite for additional savings above their 401k contributions

> A Defined Benefit Plan can be used to fund retirement income needs above qualified plan contribution limits

> A Defined Benefit Plan is generally set up to be more conservative than a typical qualified retirement plan



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